Extending the Holiday Glow

Inspired by an article by New York times on “Holding onto that Holiday State of Mind” I wanted to share some of my own thoughts on ways to enjoy that post holiday glow.

Its not surprising that a huge benefit and lots of enjoyment can be gained while ON holiday  but what about maintaining that glow after you return back home. Most of us cannot yet live life holiday to holiday – there is the stuff in between that is called life that we also want to maximise and enjoy 😉
A study published in 2010 in the Applied Research In Quality Of Life journal, surveyed 1,530 Dutch individuals and found that even those interviewed who said they had a “very relaxed trip” only had that post holiday glow last 2 weeks. The goal is obviously to extend that and here are some ways to extend that holiday glow:
Forget the either or:
“Holidays are fun and awesome and real life sucks” is not going to be a perspective that gets you very far when you arrive back home.
Bring Holiday Home with You or create it 
Appreciate the holiday and reflect on those elements that made it special. Loved the frangipani and lush green – plonk a palm tree in your living room! Loved the food – buy a cookbook so you can share it with others. One of the things that I love to do is to buy a bottle of wine, local spirit or special food that I can take with me on my next holiday. It is a beautiful way of linking one holiday to the next and enables you to reminisce while celebrating the new holiday
Holiday in your mind  
Most of the time we are bombarded with this incessant chatter of your inner roommate , if you could gain from distance from that then it would be in fact would feel like the most incredible holiday – a vacation in your mind. Ok it might sound a little woo woo – but just imagine for a second that that could be possible. This is a vacation you can take as often as you wish
“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.” Michael Singer
There is also an overlooked opportunity here, that you also have the option to leave behind some things when you are on holiday. In a very real way you remove yourself (jump on a plane or road trip) and suspend reality. Before you jump back on that plane thing about what you want to leave behind and what you want to bring with you.
Paradise means different things to different people. I want you to bring more of that home with you after your holiday. Get in touch if you want to find out more about how to unpack, explore and return home lighter in South Sri Lanka
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