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Verity Mace

Evolve's Story

With a passion for exploring the wild, Verity found Dubai an excellent hub for spontaneous trips to reconnect with nature. Working hard in the corporate/media world for eight years was interspersed with frequent escapes to South Sri Lanka. In 2010, Verity discovered coaching, which opened her mind to possibilities she hadn’t considered. These positive experiences inspired her to pursue a coaching qualification. A desire for space and creativity began to shape her plans for the future, which included leaving (the city life) of Dubai behind.

In 2013, the dreams became a reality when Verity and her partner, Garrath, made the move to South Sri Lanka. 2014 brought the completion of their laidback luxury surf villas Ebb and Flow Jungalows. Surf Stay Sri Lanka followed in 2015 as a surf travel agency extension.

Four years of connecting and speaking to hundreds of holidaymakers in Sri Lanka, a common theme revealed itself to Verity. She noticed that people were looking for a holiday to improve their lives and overall well-being – they might be burnt out, confused or just somewhat out of touch with their lives and they wanted things to be different.  They were looking for a relaxing holiday break, yes, but they also hoped to clarify their thoughts, reignite momentum or get reacquainted with their values and passions. Verity has created Evolve in Sri Lanka for these wellness seekers and truth seekers. This is for you. 

“I am passionate about leveraging the magic of the holiday mindset and helping people bring a piece of personal paradise back into their everyday lives” – VERITY MACE


Self help geek, world traveller and lover of tropical plants. In her element when riding a bicycle through paddy fields in the afternoon light, or dancing barefoot to african reggae or soul (anytime, anywhere). You will find her exploring rock pools or swimming in the sea with her hubby and two black dogs Khush and Pango. 


Coaches are people! Yup. And like people we come in all our own shapes, flavours and colours. Verity’s coaching style has been described as Supportive and Open, Awareness Building, Challenging, Down-to-earth, Fun/Playful and Compassionate.


Transformational coaching experiences in South Sri Lanka. The experience is described as a mental decluttering and clean out – meaningful conversations in paradise – a mini retreat – empowering – unburdening – mind-opening – sustainable wellness – holiday therapy and a Sri Lanka holiday essential.

Coaching Credentials

Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - CPCC
Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - CPCC

Certified coach from one of the world leaders – The Coaches Training Institute

ICF Accredited Certified Coach - ACC
ICF Accredited Certified Coach - ACC

International Coaching Federation Accredited Certified Coach

Centre of Creative Leadership
Centre of Creative Leadership

Associate Coach (Since Nov 2015) with the Centre of Creative Leadership, ranked by Forbes as in the top 5 executive coaching and leadership training providers in the world


Skills & Experience

International Work Experience

Work experience in New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Lived in New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka

Workshop Facilitation

Work shop design & delivery experience including media training, ideation (brainstorming) and core coaching skills 

Life & Transitions Coaching

Verity’s coachees (clients) come from diverse countries and cultures, ages and personal and processional backgrounds

Executive & Business Coaching

A CTI Executive Coaching Certificate (Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2013) 

Entrepreneurial experience & context

Small business/start up challenges


After completing a session with verity I felt focused and strong. The session enabled me to make a difficult and life changing decision that was taking up most of my thinking space. I found verity to be supportive but straight forward, non judgmental and an inspirational thinker. She put me at ease and I was able to open up with out feeling vulnerable. Verity worked hard until I was happy I’d came to a decision I was happy and content with. I will undountingly call soon her sessions again.

Caroline Bailey, UK, 2014
Caroline Bailey, UK, 2014

Evolve Clarity 


The decisive factor when I made the choice to work with Verity was her curiosity. It was apparent from the onset that she had a sincere inquisitive nature, and this was what I wanted from a coach. Verity helped me through a tough transition period by helping me rediscover the positive She has a gift for unearthing the good from any situation, distilling the discussion to extract a positive, inspiring essence. I can safely say it was difficult to be pessimistic while working with her, and that’s exactly what I needed from my coaching relationship.

Rami S, UAE, 2013
Rami S, UAE, 2013

6 Month Coaching Assignment


Verity mastered a paradox. She has the ability to simultaneously create a safe thinking space and also challenge her clients to go beyond their comfort zone. My coaching with her, changed me on a fundamental level. Thanks Verity.

Herman Veitch, South Africa, 2015
Herman Veitch, South Africa, 2015

6 Coaching Sessions


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