Holiday Mindset

What better place to have a life changing conversations than paradise?
In a way we suspend reality when on holiday and are often able to see possibilities that are not there when stuck in the everyday “stuff”of their lives.

We do things a little bit differently too – try out new things that we would not usually, eat food different food, we are out of our usual routine, we check our email less and (hopefully) spend less time connected to our phone. Unless it is to take photos of course.
There are all sorts of life changing vacations – seeing the northern lights, great migrations in Africa, but perhaps some of the best or most memorable are those ones which you “see the light” and see the world and its possibilities so differently that you come back a changed person. These are the holidays are not so much about the things you do and see, but what it does to your brain.
I am passionate about the possibilities and opens in the mindset of people on holiday and I know it is a powerful time to break through the old ways of doing and being – into something more positive and sustainable that they can take back home
So what do I mean by this “holiday mindset”
There are lots of reasons why we travel, But perhaps the main reason why holidays are so important to us – strange though it might sound at first – is that they heighten our awareness.
For the most part (and for most of us) we live our lives in environments that are familiar to us and our lives are made up of experience that have been repeated many times before. But when we go on holiday all of this changes. The landscape, the buildings, the food, the language that people speal – it is all so new and different that we expand our awareness to take it all in. This enables us to be more present than at home while we are in the every day of our lives. It also allows us to spend less time in the thought chatter of in our minds.
This holiday mind set is a state of natural mindfulness and creativity – the state of being immersed in our experience.
As the developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik remarks, ‘As adults when we are faced with the unfamiliar, when we fall in love with someone new, or when we travel to a new place, our consciousness of what is around us and inside us suddenly becomes far more vivid and intense, like children’s.’
Its a time when we are  more likely to day dream, where possibilities, long held dreams, crazy business ideas etc seem way more possible than in the “real world”. This mind-set is perfectly primed for having open, honest conversations about the stuff that is most important for you – the things are holding you back, the dreams you most want to actualise.
How to leverage it? 
Recognise & honor its potential – many lucky these days to enjoy many holidays a year, don’t take them for granted and realise the magic inherent in it. its important to note that resort experience holidays in which all your home comforts are met may not be as potent as a holiday where you experience the real culture.
Open mind and open heart. If you are contracted and closed this will stop you from fully experiencing all that is possible. That does not mean being naive (there are certain guidelines and ways to be safe) but being open and in fact “planning in some spontaneity” is always a good idea.
Set your intension on your trip before you leave. Get clear on this (you probably already have an idea! If it is adventure, relaxation, healing after a breakup, getting healthy, renewed intimacy with your partner etc). A caution – this is not about expectations as Anne Lamott  once said “expectations are simply disappointments under construction” this is about intentions.
Integrate Action. If your purpose is healing or reflection then work in some ways to help with this – whether it is journaling or reading books that relate to what you are working on. If there are healing, wellness experiences available it is also a great chance to take advantage of these while your mind is open to soaking up the learning.
Evolve in Sri Lanka facilitates meaningful conversations here in paradise. Paradise means different things to different people, I want you to move closer towards yours and bring some of it home with you from your trip to Sri Lanka. By leveraging  the “holiday mind set” as a springboard for powerful and meaningful change.
Massages, Yoga classes – these are things that people love to do while on holiday in south Sri Lanka well an open , honest and meaningful conversation with a qualified coach is a great addition to this wellness and pampering and even better can have a a lasting impact when you jump on that plane and leave to go back home too.
Curious about leveraging the holiday mindset. Get in touch
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