Pre Holiday Prep

Research Done, Tickets booked, accommodation sussed and you the pre holiday anticipation is bubbling up. You have packed and made sure you do not forget your sunscreen (again) or your passport and maybe your 5 bikinis that you never get a chance to wear.

Yup all that is important but there is one other element to making sure that you maximise your holiday and an often overlooked part of your pre-holiday planning and it involves packing the right mind-set.

Hand it Over 
Decide how to manage your work while you are on vacation. What can wait, what needs to be handed over to colleagues. Of course for entrepreneurs and especially solo-preneurs this can be even more difficult.
“ Figuring out whether and how to complete, delegate, delay, or drop work – can be stressful, generating anxiety, frustration, and even anger. But if you succumb to these unproductive states of mind, you exacerbate the problem:  you’ll be less likely to get everything done and leave yourself more to worry about while on holiday”
Agreements with yourself
In todays uber connected, instant gratification world it can be hard to step away and disentangle from your day to day real world responsibilities but its key to maximising your holiday. Making some agreements ahead of time with yourself on how you will get the most out of the holiday is a great way to set out as you wish to continue. Some of the below that work for me are:
  • Limiting email. Checking emails once a day for one hour
  • Daily excercise – whether it is yoga, a walk, a bike ride, a swim – just something
  • Try something new each day – a fruit you have never heard of, jumping on a surfboard or even flying on a rubber ducky boat (yes it is now a thing in South Sri Lanka)
Set your intention 
In the same way that it can be challenging without goals to know if you are on the right track the same can be true of getting what you want out of a vacation. Get clear on this (you probably already have an idea! If it is adventure, relaxation, healing after a breakup, getting healthy, renewed intimacy with your partner etc). A caution – this is not about expectations as Anne Lamott once said “expectations are merely disappointments under construction” this is about intentions.
  • What will make this a special vacation?
  • What do I want from this holiday?
Its an often overlooked part of holiday planning. But one that will serve you well in times to come – and can make the difference between “another holiday” and one that you will remember in years to come.
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