Why Evolve in Sri Lanka?

An Hour is all you Need An Hour is all you Need
An Hour is all you Need
A coaching relationship is often one that spans over time, usually 3 months or more. We know you are here for a short time and want to maximise your time and leverage your holiday mindset. Our methodology has been developed with this in mind and we ensure you get value whether booking a one hour clarity session or creating a deeper customised experience.
Holiday Mindset Magic Holiday Mindset Magic
Holiday Mindset Magic

A holiday has some magic built into it – there is the space for possibilities and openness. We believe that when people are on holiday they are closer to their most creative selves, the possibilities, the hard truths or their personal yearning. The holiday mindset is a powerful springboard for meaningful change.

Time for Yourself Time for Yourself
Time for Yourself

It is decadent and delicious to dedicate time exclusively to yourself, but sometimes it can be difficult to carve out the time in our everyday lives.  You can call it a mini retreat, a mental spring clean, or a spa treatment for the soul – our conversation is all about the amazing YOU.

Where is the best vacation spot when you want to get a handle on your life?

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical place,  its name synonymous with tropical paradise; it’s a place with depth and complexity. One of its One of its, previous names is, in fact, Serendip, from the Arabic word serendipity a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”.

“— you don’t reach Serendib by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings … serendipitously.” (John Barth, The Last Voyage of  Somebody the Sailor)”

It’s not so much of a surprise then that Sri Lanka is the perfect setting to have the conversations that matter. We facilitate meaningful conversations in paradise so that you can bring a piece of personal peace and paradise home with you.


Declutter or offload those limiting beliefs, fears and doubts, regrets, guilt or old stories that no longer serve you.  Share current dreams and desires and give them the air time they deserve!


Get curious and get stuck into an open, honest conversation and exploration around who you are at your best and what is working and what is not. Get back in touch with what is most important to you


Return home with a lighter load, repack and consciously choose what to bring back with you and what you want to leave behind. Bring new awareness, tools and resources to integrate into your life

Why coaching. Why Sri Lanka.

A springboard for change

Whether you are considering a customised Evolve Experience, a Discovery Session, or a one hour Clarity Session. We do take into account these key assumptions: 

Open Minded & Transparent

You are on holiday and open and willing to have an honest conversation about your life, what you want, and what might be holding you back. With full confidentiality it is this sort of openness that makes for a powerful coaching experience. 

Desire for Change

There is somewhere you in your life that you want things to be different or where you want more movement. This could be as simple as being more present and connected with what is important to you, or as specific as overcoming relationship break ups or career changes.

Personal Growth

You have a desire to learn more about yourself and what makes you tick, sing or soar (you can insert your own word here). This is a context for powerful personal growth.